Miller Blue // Sunflower Album Review

Miller Blue Sunflower Review

Miller Blue Sunflower Review

Miller Blue Sunflower Review

Miller Blue is back with his latest project titled ‘Sunflower’. Running at 17 minutes over six tracks, the EP takes us through the rollercoaster of a relationship, which he mentions are “essentially a series of diary entries”. Throughout, Miller effortlessly experiments with a mix of styles from neo-soul, jazz, and R&B.

The opener ‘Streets Of Amsterdam’ sets the tone for the project. It also gives an indication of the inspiration for the album cover, which is reminiscent of a Van Gogh painting. The snippets are taken from a conversation Miller and a friend have during a trip to Amsterdam. Jokingly, they make reference to the book Of Mice And Men whilst an accordion plays in the background.

Following this, the downbeat and dreamy ‘Sunflower’. Miller reflects on the beginning of a breakup. He looks back with no hard feelings “I hope you’re feeling, just a little better now it’s through”. On ‘New Love’ accompanied by a smooth saxophone-led instrumental, Miller battles with the rollercoaster of emotions after a breakup “Running through the past, memories I cannot let go”.

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In the latter end of the EP, Miller Blue wears his heart on his sleeve on ‘Talk It Out’. The singer tried to avoid conversations with anyone, including himself. The pain in his voice can be heard as he battles with his demons and thoughts that can linger after a breakup. The mood switches up on the last track ‘Us’. As Miller Blue begins to date a new person, all the feelings of anxiety and excitement creep up. Accompanied by Lo-Fi production, Miller brings a smooth ending to the EP.


Miller Blue manages to bring a sense of calmness to his music, it makes the EP float through so quickly before you realize it’s finished. Miller creates a dreamy world with his music – the perfect escape.