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Wiz Khalifa – Young Millionaires Lyrics

Young Millionaires Lyrics

Yeah, too drunk to even talk in this bitch
Speaking another language
Thats rich shit
Get rich to this, Get rich to this(x3)

Verse 1:
I was raised in the pitts
Where if you my age you in a cage or a ditch
But in my case never complained, never simped

Especially nowadays cause now I’m payed in a bitch
Hopping off that plane, somewhere I already been
The menu come in english, but the waiters speaking french
And haters ain’t convinced I ain’t mad at em
I also made a 100K today and then laugh at em
I’m smokin on the bag that a nigga then have to stash
I payed cash for it, even my OG niggas be passin on it
My outfit always on some dumb shit Yeah

I’m that ignorant And keep my camera man with me cause
I’m that historic Bank account enormous Out ya category
Not to mention, got a closet full of that Dior shit
Niggas claimin that they new Nothin new they bore me
I’m too into doin me for me to copy your shit
My diamonds shinin ya my ice is gorgeous
My flights are private, and my wife is flawless
I’m just livin my life

We are, We are, Young Millionaires
So everywhere we go We look strange to ya’ll
Gettin rich to this (x3)

Verse 2:
I had a dream that told me imma win
Just set my Rolly today and bout to have to change the time again
And i could prolly deal with the game without these fucked niggas chimin in
They told me i changed cus of money
Nigga money wasn’t the problem here
Nor will it ever be nigga
Talk aloud with all my accomplices
Smokin pounds cus we proud of all our accomplishments
Started at the bottom, made it out the bottom since
I guess gettin dollars just makes common sense
I guess that mean im ballin and you on the bench
I guess all of these commas mean im kinda rich
I guess that mean im spoiled cus my lifes a bitch

We are, We are, Young Millionaires
So everywhere we go We look strange to ya’ll
Gettin rich to this (x3)

Young Millionaires Lyrics

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