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Lyrics: Sarkodie – The Masses [+English Translation]

The Masses lyrics by Sarkodie + English Translation

ahah,obidiponbidi,me ma dwen hu aky3
oman Ghana,mmh,k’ y3 nim a anaa y3 kye
y3nk’ tie

maka nu p3n m3ka nu biom
nyame mame akoma na me nka nu obuomu
na yansuma mba b3 shooty me anadwo da suom
but me nni choice me np3 di3 3k’ su w’ krom
first of all nu wei nk’ maabunu
the youth cus bebia ya drunu
ya mma yaa dwene dah’ a nkwadaa kitua y3b3 ku nu
y3 ni su b3 ti y3n na ya dane akuk’ funu
nea 3dikan abai nu ‘b’ wo hu bai


‘dwene wo hu anaa s3 ‘de wo sika si dan
University wa a k’ aa nu wo de degree nu tu kwan
ak’ amonone ak’ pra anaa s3 techiman
ebibifour ne hypocracy di3
y3 mp3 wo ns3n a na kyer3 s3 wo ka nukwr3
y3 maame nifumnsuo nti o na y3 p3
agye suku kraa nyansa bia ne h’ a y3 hyer3
hyr3 y3 mpenifour nu 3y3 mu ka nukwr3
nti wo hu senia Ghanafour nu p3
oil y3 tu ne kromu ha still y3 sr3
me ni twea s3 wo si 3tu wo se 3y3 gr3
‘mu k’ y3 nsu wo bie wa nu a wo sro
nti y3ntu aba na nu b’ y3n nfufuo
mo aku y3n aky3 3y3 na mo bre y3n kro
s3 wo bua yarefour m3 k’ s3i na edro#
oo krom b3i na y3 ti nu yi
na bibia a gyimi yi
wa ni twea s3 3nk’ hie,obiaa ay3 din s3 mumuii
kania na 3bum yi,business na 3gwu yi
fustration ab3 dane nipa kum yi
adwen bone fitaa, as3m kesi b3 si paaa
obiaa p3s3 ‘b’su nea mu nim ne sika di naa
nea 3hyer3 nu ti mu aa ni chobochobo ti naa
mu nk’ su na mo y3 nyakupom su hyw3 wu yinaa
nea ‘b’ apoo na 3didi 3ny3 nea ‘b3y3 edwuma dene
wo ka a y3 si hey wo tume mpo kyer3 wa dwene
oman y3y3 ntuma anka atiti ama na sin
laws nu y3 edwuma nti obiaa use u na dwen
Asntefour b3 tu ama Akofo Addo
Northfour su Mahama ‘y3 ama me wer3 awu
tu ama ne krom ni 3ny3 nea ‘b3 bua bu
me nua num y3 swea nyasa mr Honrable
obam suka ak’ gwu beebi faaku
y3 hu nk’four s3 kenegye egyapon ne kweku baaku
me mp3 party s3m biaa,y3nfa nyama nfa me kwan su
loan a ya gyegye,3ba y3 nananum nu nan su
ad3n 3d3n bone kwaaa
y3ti y3 nim nfifre pii,y3b3 ywe na fiaaa
toll kwaa one cedi wo ka y3 si ahiaa
economy nu as3i six feet adaka tiaa,ahumakye aa
dumsor nto obi one room ahye
mu mu fie generator y3 na y3 gyimi ya ti
mu de mu mma tutu kwan,y3 da su titi nkrase
mu bu pina kwasea ky3 a bebi nani ti
abatu’ nu ba ab3 dru mo di3 mo bra m3 hy3 y3 bu’
Ghanafour a na me blamey y3 ti rally su a y3 k’
obi b3y3 edwuma from 8 to 6
busume na naketwua checken change
politision ‘te paliament ‘ny3 hweee
‘nu ‘tume t’ dan san t’ range
abr’ me nim s3 y3 mpenefour nu kwan
nti mo dru abroyerea mu hu s3 3y3 fine
mo hyw3 kotoka nti mo hu ny3 mo nyai
mo pam lorry kwan nu sua nti 3yn3 mu tai,3s3 mo aa
p3s3mekunya nti onam nu as3m p3 last
y3 shorty water shorty electricity shorty gas
bra na b3 bu man nu yan tu aba s3 b3 ywe cash
wo w’ nyansa nsem bi ka a mediafour nu se relax
curroption ya kaa akaa akaaa y3dasu y3
woa wo light nsu wo wo da su de bi kye
wati bi da na s3 me hw3 Ghana tv p3 na me presure nu k’ sru
cus debiaa k3t3ahyehy3
y3 mma y3 ne nda h’ na 3ny3 br’fo ak3si3
nsem 3fre y3 num ba y3ntume kyer3 asey3
the consumption of equity is leading to 3di3ndi3n
3ny3 die 3hu hia ne m3 nfa nsem nu nfifa nky3nky3n
omanfour mu mma y3 nka bom
oman nu ka fom y3n hw3 nea ‘b3 som
ntakwa bi ba a ‘mu di3 ‘mu b3 dom
y3 na y3b3 br3 cus y3da su w’m,y3 ne beebi k’
3kane y3si JJ hu w’ f3
Kufour su na nane na y3p3
y3si Mahama su ‘ne y3n y3 p3
ayoo neyinaa 3kyre nu 3ne 3nd3
me di3 nea me ka nu s3 mo mma mo 3ne nda k’
mu tie tipa bi mo asem 3hw3 beebi ‘de y3nk’
cus nyakupom mpataa daakye y3b3 y3 m’b’
asem a me ka yi 3fri akuma, mede odo
ahh obidiponbidi,now!!
y3 sr3 mu piii


The Masses lyrics in English language.


I have thought about this for long. The Ghanaian nation.

Are we going forward or backwards?

Let’s go, listen!

I have said it, I wish to reiterate it. And may God give me the heart to say it respectfully, so that they do not send people to shoot me at dawn. But I don’t have a choice since I dislike what is going on in town.

First of all, this goes out to the youth. The youth, because the level we have reached, if we don’t think deep but rather lose hope he might not survive it. By the time we will realize this, we might have been dead fowl.

First of all, does the government ensure your security; think about you or rather uses your money to build his personal house? What do you intend to do with the degree that you have acquired from university? Will you take it abroad to sweep or go to Techiman?

The  hypocritical attitude of us Africans. When they dislike you that means that you rather speak the truth. We are suffering due to our foremothers’ breast milk. They do not teach any sense in school, give us me a break.

Our leaders must learn to speak the truth. So can’t you see how Ghanaians are suffering? We produce oil, yet we continue to beg. I see a broken tooth in your mouth, yet you insist it is a mere diastema. They are killing us, yet we are too scared to say.

So you want us to vote for you, so that you can blow dust into our eyes with your car? You have killed us for far too long, enough! Do not come and trouble our wounds. If you have no help to offer to the sick, do not cause harm to his medication.

Which nation are we living in, that everything is turning stupid? We all bear witness that things are not going well, but we have remained dump. Lights are going off leading to collapsing of businesses. Clearly this is white wicked mindset which has become too big for all to say.

All they know is extravagant spending. What is hidden in their mind is personal share from deals they sign. Keep on doing this, God is watching you all. The self-seeking employee rather gets paid more than the self-sacrificing one. And when you try to mention it they go like ‘hey’. You can’t even share your views. If this nation was a cloth, by now it is torn and in dirty state.

Laws do not work so people use their mind to do their own thing.The Ashantis will vote for Akufo Addo, the Northners for Mahama. This practice makes me feel sorry. His plan is to vote for someone known to him, but not the person who will help him. My brothers and sisters let us all try and be wise. Mr. Honourable, the nation’s money is lodged at one place. We need the likes of Ken Agyapong and Kweku Baako. I do not want to hear political party matters, let’s try and put things in order.

The numerous loans we have acquired await future generations, why? Where did we go wrong? Upon all the sweat we go through, we get paid less. Toll fee alone costs one cedi. And when you complain about it, they will tell you one cedi is no money. The economy has collapsed like six feet hole at the cemetery

Just this dawn, Dumso has led to the burning of somebody’s one bedroom house. You people have generators in houses. If you see us stupid, we have heard you. You people continue to send your children abroad while we keep on remaining in villages. The fool will definitely be wise one day.

The election period is coming again, come and make your promises. I blame us Ghanaians, because when we hear about rallies then we are there to support. Someone will work from 8am to 6pm and only receive chicken’s pay. But the politician only sits at the parliament house and does no work, yet he buys house and even Range, absolute wickedness.

I know that our leaders do travel abroad. So when you get abroad, don’t you appreciate how nice their environment looks? So when you enter Kotoka airport, don’t you feel the place is unhygienic? So don’t you see Ghanaian roads are bad? Then it is up to you. Because of greediness, the nation’s interest is always at last. We have shortage of gas, shortage of electricity, shortage of gas.

We voted for you to come and govern the nation but not to spend our cash. If you have any sensible thing to say, and for the media you need to relax. We continue to talk about corruption, yet it is still in the system. You have shortage in electricity, yet you continue to supply to other nations. Have you heard about this before?

Anytime I watch Ghanaian TV station, my blood pressure rises up because every day the news is about corruption. Let’s all be wise, because it is not about big grammar. We are always speaking words which we do not even know their meanings. The consumption of equity is leading to whatever whatever blah blah. This is not necessary, stop beating about the bush.

Let’s us all come together in unity. When the nation falls, who will save it? When there is fight, they will seek asylum abroad leaving us to suffer behind. Because we used to say JJ was handsome, Kuffour had an admiring eyes and Mahama was ordinary like us, see where we are today. All that I am saying is lets us be wise.

Pay attention to what some people are saying and where they are taking us. It will take the mercy of God, lest we become pitiful. All these words are coming straight from the bottom of my heart. Hah, Obidiponbidi. We plead with you all.

Written by Obed Ofori Bangdome, Bibiani.

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