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Lyrics: Efya – Getting You ft. Ice Prince

Efya – Getting You Lyrics ft. Ice Prince


[Efya & Ice Prince]
Murder them, (murder) murder them (boom)
We are come to, (murder) them (murder the thing)
We are come to, (murder) them (murder the thing)
King ’em want to murder them (praa!)
Murder them, (what?) murder them (aha!)
We are come to, murder them (murder)
Efya will you turn the thing baby (hey!)
Okay give them the vibe thing

[Verse 1]
They call me E-F-E-Y-A
They think i marry club i do mix with shorty
Now let me tell you baby, you no be my mate
Instagram location M.I.A
Eeee! M.I.A
And last weekend at Abuja
Tragic is the fashion week my passion is the Mulla
Na way so so your plan bend be so Regy
So hot already wanna love me, wanna let you know
How you really feeling?
King i’m in the building
Keep that VIKI sipping
I’m tryna get this millions
Drinks in the yard
Ice Prince in the yard
This only mean more moves in the yard

[Chorus: Efya]
The way you loving me
Touching me, Hugging me
(I’m getting you)
Baby move with me
Make a baby with me
Do shots with me
(I’m getting you)
Just roll with me
Make money with me
Wine and dine with me
(I’m getting you)
Go down for me
Do all for me
Baby live it for me
(I’m getting you)

Do that thing baby don’t be scared now
Haa!, get it done now
King am in the building don’t be scared now
Haa!, get down now
African girls get down now
AH! what? get down now
Yea do that thing baby don’t be scared now
Aha don’t be scared,
Get down in the building don’t be scared now
(Ice gat you)

[Verse 2: Ice Prince]
You remind me of the other chick i met in East Lagon
I carry her go buy Cologne and she picked baygon
And i was like God damn now b!tch be gone
No wonder you picked him
When you could have just pick Trey-Songz
Tell the D.J let my disk play on
Bad man I’m still repping up til this day on
And if a Nvgga running their mouth,
We gon’ fix them gum
I an’t no dentist i am just still bumping to this trey songs’

[Repeat Chorus]
[Repeat Hook]

[Bridge: Efya]
If you really really want it
(Baby i gat it)
Steay flost i the morning
(Baby i gat it)
Fresh off the run way
Got it on sunday
Wore it the same day
Friends are asking
No person can
Just plain ex preach, don’t prep with it
Cause i can get with it
And am loosing my mind over you baby
Come get it right over you baby

[Chorus: Efya]


Efya – Getting You Lyrics ft. Ice Prince

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